Mon to Sun: 8.30 am - 5.30 pm

18 March 2023

Videography Workshop to Make Videos More Interesting!

In today's era, many social media platforms are starting to prioritize videos over just photos or images, such as Tik Tok. Tik Tok became a game changer that made other social media such as Instagram, Youtube start making video portrait features, namely Reels and Shorts.

This requires us to continue to adapt to progress and what is happening now. Because of this, The Crest West Vista held a Videography workshop on the 8th floor of the clubhouse area. By inviting lecturers who are experts in their fields with a myriad of video portfolios, the residents who became participants were very enthusiastic about this event.

The event was divided into two sessions where the first session was filled with material on video techniques and editing. The second session that the participants were eagerly awaiting was the hands-on practice of making interesting videos in The Crest West Vista at Puri show unit.

The participants were very welcoming and felt that they had gained new knowledge after attending this event. They just found out that there are many creative ways to produce interesting videos to support their business and daily activities.