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First Property For Millennials

 19 October 2018

A new report found that "nearly 40 percent of millennials have spent money they didn't have and gone into debt to keep up with their peers." They're most likely to overspend on experiences; like going out with friends or taking vacations. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) spending are tempting. Short-term spending habits can derail long-term planning, and many millennials are already struggling to hold onto money.


There is nothing wrong with spending on your lifestyle but you need to think about the future by allocating your income to a different “pots”. You can spare your income into this:

10% Goodness. Sharing is caring. Donating money is the easiest yet impactful thing to do for others. 40% Monthly expenses. All your basic need expenses are going to this 40% percentage. Food, drink, beauty care, and clothes. This also includes your monthly entertainment expense for movies or weekend hangouts. 30% Installment. When you buy something like the iPhone XS or a brand new car, limit the installment to 30% of your income to pay off the bills. So be careful when you buy things using installments. 20% Future. Last, but not the least, 20% is to save for future needs. This 20% of your income for unforeseen expenses such as sudden hospital or family bill. This also include your saving and maybe start your first property ownership.


It is getting easier to start your first property ownership these days, especially with the wealth of information out there. If you are spending to upkeep your lifestyle, it is wise to invest the same to property. One of the best first property is apartment. Why?

Buying apartment is getting reachable for first-jobber millennials. Moreover, apartments are the future of housing. As the availability of urban land diminishes, the cost of houses becomes increasing more and more expensive and out of reach for the younger generation.

With only 4 Million rupiah you can have a studio unit property in The Crest West Vista at Puri. The Crest West Vista at Puri is an urban haven that lifts the spirits and creates an immediate sense of belonging. Set in an energetic and dynamic location between Puri CBD and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, The Crest conveniently connects residents to nearby facilities such as schools, malls, social service center, etc. So what are you waiting for?

the crest west vista

Visit our The Crest West Vista at Puri marketing office at Jalan Lingkar Luar No. 8 Duri Kosambi, Jakarta Barat or call +021 29030700 for further info about the your first property at The Crest.



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