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A Technique To Tidy Up Your Apartment

 27 November 2018

the crest west vista

Have you ever read Marie Kondo's book titled "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"? If not. Let us explain! Marie Kondo was very interested in cleaning up since childhood. He is a well-known organizing consultant who invented a technique called KonMari. The essence of the technique is to collect and store items that you only like in one category at a time or season. Applying KonMari techniques to everyday life will make your room more organized and neat, even your life would be much better.

Living in an apartment is somehow seems a practical and simpler than staying at a house. However, the limitation of space in apartment will never be enough because of the style of your home arrangement carelessly. Here, for you to to consider. There are three KonMari techniques that you can apply to your Apartment:

1. Start Organizing Per Category

The people mistake of tidying up a house is start everything from clean up per space. The first lesson from Marie Kondo is to separate your items by category from all rooms. Examples start from clothes. Separate all of your clothes in the closet, bathroom or drawer under the bed in each category, say pajamas and your formal outfit. Afterwards, follow these setup techniques for other items such as books or private collections.

2. Respect Your Belongings

Since malls are everywhere nearby and marketplaces are only one click away to shop, is very easy for you to have new items. Marie Kondo with KonMari teaches to respect your belonging and look back at the items you have when you start separate it one by one. You are asked to consider a few moments before the goods or clothing that you already have being separated, donated or bought a new one. For that, you would reconsider to have one.

3. Don’t Hang. Fold!

Folding clothes is better than hanging. Save more space. If you've separated your clothes, you can try Marie Kondo's vertical folding technique, which saves space. This technique can be tried on clothes to socks. The apartment that has the best facilities for you with the most strategic location in the western area of ??Jakarta is The Crest West Vista at Puri. Keppel Land Indonesia provide a studio apartment unit for those who still single, a one bedroom apartment unit and a two bedroom apartment unit. By paying a very reachable down payment starting at 4 million, you can already have the apartment unit of The Crest West Vista at Puri. Very affordable right?

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